You Are a Gift!

You! Yes you,
the one reading this

Path to Holistic Wellness

You are inherently POWERFUL, already infused with ABUNDANCE, overflowing with Ideas, Insights and Wisdom...

Yep, that's how amazing you really are!

But I know, I know, life isn't all sunshine and rainbows...

It's more like sunshine and rainbow pooping unicorns 🦄

Sometimes we experience not so good things. Sometimes it's not easy to see the Beauty, the Love, and the Gifts when areas of our lives are falling apart.

Sometimes obstacles, challenges, and difficulties in our everyday life make us want to run away and hide.
I know what that's like...

I know what it's like to have fear and doubt enter your mind and take you far away from your goals and dreams.
I know how it feels when the thought of giving up seems easier to do and the words "You're not good enough" replay in your mind...

My name is Angie Sierra - Drugs, alcoholism, unhealthy relationships, emotional eating and being overweight were just some of the life squeezing effects from the choices I made in the past.
I was depressed, a total wreck, a hot mess!

I can recall a couple rock bottom scenarios, but it wasn't until I almost died that I decided to change.

I began to recreate my life by doing the opposite; Turning my fear into fuel, doubt into encouragement, and my mess into my message....

I became the best version of myself through the Path of Holistic Wellness and now I help men and women do the same, professionally.

I invite you to...

Enter a 5-wk Journey through the Heart, Mind, Body and Soul

  • A journey that will guide you towards Expanding Your Heart

    to Navigate Through Life’s Difficulties and Hurdles with POWERFUL Understanding and Compassion…

  • Elevate Your Mind

    to go BEYOND what you ‘think’ is Possible…

  • and Embody the Greatest Version of Yourself

    to MAXIMIZE Your Time on Earth and Co-Create a Better World…

A Gift to a Special Gift

Path to Holistic Wellness

I made this Service Free - Giving you two Online Letters (emails) per week that contain the essential tools to Living a Balanced, Awakened, Meaningful Life.

As you absorb the Letters and Take Action you will be Astonish by your Ascension and Transformation:

  • Seeing the World from a Higher Perspective to Operate at Your Absolute Best
  • Noticing Dozens of Opportunities and Acting on them to create Greater Results in Health, Work, Love and Life
  • Turning your BreaKdowns into BreakTHROUGHS - Your greatest wounds into Your Greatest Gifts
  • And taking your quest to Deeper Truths are just some of the Gems that will be available to You…
Path to Holistic Wellness

Inside this 5-wk Inspiring and Empowering Guide

  • Be prepared to be handed the Ultimate Steps to move through your challenges, face your fears, and overcome your obstacles No Matter what stands in your way Each and Everyday!
  • These are Super-Charged Letters that carry Simple yet Highly Effective Principles, Methods, and Sacred Teachings that are necessary to be successful no matter what field you're in or what your goals are.

Angie, why are you giving this away? Because this is something YOU MUST KNOW and it is part of my life’s path (spiritual contract) to share these Teachings and Provide You with as much Life Changing Value as humanly possible…

Psst... come close.

(Angie whispers) You made it here on earth, which means you are equipped with everything you need to create an awesome life - I'm just here to remind you of what already resides in you 😉

Ready sweet spirit? Are you ready to Evolve and Expand the Main Areas of your Life?
If you are, then I am 100% fully committed to delivering Powerful Insights, Inspiring Messages, and Sacred Knowledge that will help Increase our Levels of Awareness and Ignite our Full Potential.

WE are so full of LIGHT! so full of WISDOM! so full of EMPOWERMENT! that Together,
We WILL Rise and Contribute towards a Healthier, Sustainable, Awakened World!

Path to Holistic Wellness

You have Nothing to lose
but ALL to Gain

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  • Diana A

    I am so thankful to have come across these letters. Thank YOU Angie for your teachings and everything You share with Us.

  • Justine E.

    u have this amazing calmness about u that I definitely need in my life.
    love learning from u.

  • CW

    I just read one of your letters again. Why I decided to read it tonight I will never know. However it is the perfect time! I had to let some negative people that have been in my life for years go yesterday. I know it is the right thing to do if I want to get healthier, but it made me sad at the same time. Your letter helped me have a firmer resolve. Instead of just kicking them out of my life I am releasing them with love.
    I know the universe will put other more positive people to fill the empty places. People like YOU!
    Anyway I wanted to tell you how much I am learning from your letters and how very much I appreciate you. Thank you so much.

  • Victoria C

    I would just like to say that I am enjoying these letters immensely. Thank you so much for your uplifting words and encouragement. I always look forward to reading them.

  • Germina M.

    Thank you Angie. These letters are so relevant to my life and situations.
    Hope you reach more people who can benefit from such inspiration and guidance.